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nc workers permit

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NORTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF LABOR YOUTH EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE Please Type or Print Clearly Name of Youth Date of Birth mo/da/yr Age Sex Area Code Phone Complete Mailing Address City State Zip Code Job Description Please be as complete as possible Company Name Type of Business ABC ON-PREMISES PERMIT Yes NO SIGNATURES IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW Minimum Age for Employment Fourteen 14 for non-farm work with limited exceptions. Web site to get all county DSS offices http //www. dhhs. state....
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Comments and Help with workers permit application

Who Needs Youth Employment Certificate?

Generally, people who are under 18 need to cover some paperwork to get officially hired. There are many positions available for them but to actually start working they will have to prepare some working papers.

Youth employment certificate is just the thing. It is issued by the state department of labor. This particular certificate is issued by the North Carolina Department of Labor. Both a job applicant and an employer must fill out this form.  

What is Youth Employment Certificate for?

In fact, youth employment certificate is a legal work permit that ensures that the work to be done is properly authorized. With this document an applicant can be sure that they will be working in a safe environment and will get timely paid the amount specified in the document.

Is Youth Employment Certificate Accompanied by Other Forms?

Employment certificate is submitted alongside documents that prove applicant’s age. Usually, these are birth certificate, driver’s license, school records or other documents approved by Department of Labor.  

When is Youth Employment Certificate due?

It is best to prepare all the working document ahead of time. All necessary documents must be completed before an applicant starts working.

How Do I Fill out Youth Employment Certificate?

Employment certificate is rather self explanatory. Even though it is easy to fill out, you should type or print clearly so that all information is comprehensible. It includes the following information:

  • Name of youth, their age, address

  • Job description, company name, type of business

Everyone who is filling out the form must sign it.

Where Do I Send Youth Employment Certificate?

Take the completed certificate to the local Department of Social Services. Once the information is verified, submit the copy of the certificate to the employer.

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Instructions and Help about north carolina department of labor youth employment certificate form
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